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Brand Identity for a corporate services multinational company working out of Cyprus, Dubai and London. Bad Apple worked closely on tis project with the leadership of this project, CEO Mikkos Kapiri. The company wanted to update and rebrand their pre-existing logo to something that is applied on an international scale. The founders recognised the benefit of establishing a strong brand identity, one that represents their values and services they provide.

The logotype was dated and unfocused so we re-engineered it to have a more memorable and systematic application. The logomark is a principal representation of the brand and it is used as an identifying component in various communication forms. The company have subsidiary brands that, of course, needed to be included in the rebranding system; the logomark is used as the identifying exsus family mark when presenting the sub-brands logos.

The changes in the logotypes and colour variations with the standard logomark is a showcase of the possibilities in services one can be provided trusting the one parenting company always behind it, Exsus.
The Art direction of the brands imagery captures their position of vast possibilities and the global scale of their services, their outlook is positive so horizons and city scapes are a suitable metaphor.


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