Basketta — Bespoke Delivery Service Brand Identity

Logo Design
Typography + Colour
Brand Guidelines
Collateral like thank you slips and stickers
Website Design + Development
Social media

Packaging design mock

Basketta is a start-up focusing on making ordering goods from the UK easier. Bespoke forwarding service working out of London - UK, offering repacking and forwarding services directed to all over the world. Customers may order what they want from however many shops they want in the UK, have it sent to Basketta's premises, and they make sure they send it off to you safely. A helpful service for unique items and allows shopper to have a more trusted shopping experience.
Bad Apple came in to help bring the vision of Basketta to life, help create a unique brand identity, a logo, tone of messaging, and a representative playful social media existence. The brand identity needed to speak to the unique buyer and the regular bargain hunter.

We made the logo to capture elements of optimism and the express how inexpensive and helpful Basketta is as a tool. The name is a play on words and the idea that every order can fit into a single 'basket', like when shopping at a regular store.

Logo Design
Collateral Design

Bad apple developed imagery for social media, the website, and any other media outlet and was cohesively designed with the brand's bright attitude in mind. We use illustrations, most made in-house, to create a comprehensive full brand identity. Bright highly saturated colours along with simple playful imagery dominate the visual identity of the brand to highlight the services best.

The element of the cardboard box was a must and we couldn't miss the opportunity to create an iconic symbol, found in the logo, illustrations and photography.


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